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Getting Creative:
A Weekly Newsletter

Get your weekly dose of curated stories with a focus on creativity, innovation and industry news



A weekly dose of creativity, inspiration, and media news 


PadSquad CEO, Daniel Meehan

Every Saturday, I attempt to break down the week's news and noteworthy happenings in a thoughtful and quirky end of the week recap. 

Grab a cup of coffee and I hope you enjoy the read!


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What's capturing attention 

A few of the previous emails and topics that captured the attention and sparked discussion amoungst our readers

A Few of the Most Read Issues:
  • It's Best to Be Human - Mar 2020 
  • Brainstorming With Clickheads - Feb 2020 
  • Kool Aid Jams & Brands Going NSFW - Dec 2019
Topics That Got Attention:
  • It's Not A Real Guinness Ad. But It Is A Perfect Guinness Ad [Adweek]
  • Disney+ leads the US with 14.1 million downloads so far in 2020 [Techcrunch]
  • Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants: A Presentation On Major-Tech Trend [Ben Evans]

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